Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to bring a new business but there are a handful of really common mistakes. They basically ruin it for many small business owners and they end up wasting money and then they walk away thinking Facebook ads just don’t work. 

So what happens is they never end up getting the really powerful benefits that the right Facebook ad can bring. Here in this article let’s see how to avoid these mistakes so that you can confidently start running your Facebook ad campaigns that are going to work for your business. Also you will find an exclusive $150 AdSpy Coupon Code! Use code MEGADSPY!

Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes

Overcomplicating Ad Setup

Basically, the simpler your setup is the more you let Facebook’s algorithm get you the results that you want. So what you want to do is simplify the number of ad sets. For instance, have one campaign with two ad sets. Let your ads run for 3 to 5 days and see what audiences and what ads are working which aren’t and then you just want to adjust accordingly.

When you complicate with too many ad sets, you are basically blocking the algorithm from being able to optimize itself. Also if you have a smaller budget, you can’t afford to test too many ads within a campaign.

Not Targeting Strategically

Know your audience better and select specific audiences through Facebook’s built-in targeting features. That will allow you to reach the right type of people and the different targeting options include:

  • Purchasing behavior
  • Life events
  • Existing Contacts like an email list
  • Layered targeting using location, demographics, and behaviors. Facebook’s audience insights give you recommendations of different audiences you can try based on what you think you already know about your audience. 

Not Trying Different Hooks

When most people think of testing different ads, their mind pretty much goes thinking about testing a bunch of different images and a bunch of different headlines to go with them. But the problem with that is then they just generally rewrite the same headline a few different ways and call it a day. What if your headline and the message behind it don’t work? So come up with different aspects or benefits of what you are selling. AdSpy can give you so many ideas and techniques. Redeem AdSpy Working Code now and start using the tool to get excellent tactics. Apply code AFFSAVE now!

Based on the requirements of your audience, any aspect might be compelling. This a great way to scale your ads because you are appealing to different people through the different hooks that your ads are touching on.

Forgetting to Warm Up

Do not directly run sale ads to cold audiences who have not warmed up yet. If you are running ads to a very small local area with a specific offer but if you plan to go bigger, you need to take these cold audiences on a journey with you where they get to know you or your business, they ultimately trust you.

You can use Facebook ads to offer a lead magnet that promises them a real result. Deliver it via email, start a strategic email campaign and send value-packed emails with more tips and more advice.

Also, you can spy on your competitors’ top-performing Facebook ads to discover their strategies by making use of AdSpy. It can give you the complete details of what works in an ad and what doesn’t. AdSpy could be a great start for Facebook advertising, especially if you are a beginner. So without any further delay, claim our exclusive AdSpy Coupon and start saving more. Use code AFF75.


There is nothing like Facebook ads don’t work. It completely depends on the way we create an ad and the strategies that we implement. If you avoid the common mistakes mentioned above, you could really see your business moving ahead. Besides, you can make use of AdSpy Free Trial to catch the secrets of your rivals. Apply code ADSPY75. Altogether can make Facebook advertising a successful one.